Brown Girl Lifted is an online zine that will feature carefully curated content that seeks to encapsulate what it means to be an intersectional feminist in today’s trigger-happy, ephemeral, SnapChat culture.

We want to imprint ourselves onto the Earth. We want to speak our own truths.

We want to honor our histories while also finding a place to belong.

We are loud. We are proud.

We are intersectional.

We make mistakes, but we seek to correct them.

We fight for one another.

We are brown, or brown-adjacent, activists.

We believe that feminism means solidarity with the advancement and celebration of people of color, people of any and all gender identities, people of different abilities, people of different health statuses, and people of all sizes and all incomes.

We seek to listen to each other with open minds.

Because chromosomes be damned, we all have something to add to this world.

We are lifting ourselves up; we are empowering ourselves, not only to exist, but to thrive.

It’s political and it’s personal.

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